Terms & Conditions


1. General clauses

2. Affiliate account

3. Player referrals

4. Commission Based Program

5. Payment

6. Limitations

The following is Appendix 4 to the general Terms and Conditions and covers the terms of affiliate membership (‘Affiliation’) with our Website.Twin Affiliate program is operated by:

Twin Curacao N.V.
Schout Bij Nacht Doormanweg 40

Director: E-Magnus N.V.
Company Registration Number: 144095



1.1 Affiliation offers technical and commercial means to track groups of players referred by a person and to remunerate the referrer in regard to those players.

1.2 Affiliation is open for individuals of 18+ years of age and companies having appropriate means to refer players (the ‘Affiliate’).

1.3 These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, and whilst we shall do our best to update you, it is on you to follow such changes.


2.1 By completing and accepting the Twin Affiliate Application the Affiliate accepts all the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

2.2 This Agreement shall be binding on the Affiliate once the Twin Affiliate Application has been submitted but shall not be binding or enter into effect in relation to Twin until the Twin approves the Twin Affiliate Application.

2.3 The Company shall evaluate the Twin Affiliate Application hereby submitted and shall notify the Affiliate via email whether the Affiliate Application is accepted or not.

2.4 The Company may, at its sole discretion, refuse any applicant Affiliate and/or may at any time close any Affiliate’s account, and hence terminate the relationship, to comply with Twin’s policy and/or to protect the interest of Twin. If the Affiliate is in breach of this Agreement the Company may besides closing the Affiliate’s account take any other steps at law to protect its interest.

2.5 It is the Affiliates responsibility to provide the Company with accurate personal information. Provision of false information may result in immediate closure of the account and forfeiture of any balances.

2.6 Once successfully registered as a Twin Affiliate, access will be given to Twin banners, texts and images in the Media Gallery in the account. The Affiliate may place marketing material on his / her site and / or utilize them via email and / or direct marketing. The Affiliate may not alter any of the Approved Marketing Materials without our prior written consent. Should there be any doubt, please contact affiliates@twin.com. Any breach of this clause may result in punitive damages in according to law as the Company will seek to protect its interests from abuses.

2.7 It is Twin Affiliates’s policy not to accept any traffic from the following regions : United States of America (and its dependencies, military bases and territories, including but not limited to American Samoa, Cyprus, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bulgaria, Burundi, Central African Republic, Comoros, Crimea and Sevastopol, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Egypt, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Greenland, Greece, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, State of Palestine, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, the Faroe Islands, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zimbabwe or other restricted jurisdictions. Any accounts that are found to breach this clause will be immediately terminated and their balances forfeited.

2.8 We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate account where the Terms and conditions have been broken.


3.1 As an Affiliate, you can apply different means for referring new customers, such will include: Bonus codes (entered by players at registration) Tracking links (used with the banners you host)

3.2 The fact of a player registering through one of the Affiliates trackers as mentioned above shall indicate a referral and their accounts will be considered affiliated with the Affiliates account.

3.3 The Affiliates tracking link will be saved in the customer’s browser cookies for 30 days and processed whenever the registration takes place. We shall not be responsible for the case when a customer deletes their cookies by accident or intent.

3.4 Twin may refuse any applicant New Customer or close a New Customer’s account to comply with Twin’s policy.


4.1 Registered Twin Affiliates will earn commission based on numbers of New Depositing Customers.

4.2 Calculation of Twin Affiliate Commission The standard commission structure is calculated as follows.

  • 0-5 NDC’s = 25%
  • 6-10 NDC’s = 30%
  • 11-20 NDC’s = 35%
  • 21-30 NDC’s = 40%
  • 31+ NDC’s = 45%

The Affiliate will receive commission per New Depositing Customer. The commission is based on a month to month scheme and can increase or decrease the following calendar month depending on the amount NDC’s.

4.3 After 3 consecutive months a bonus of 5% will be added to your commission. Following are examples of how the achievement system works:

  • 3 Consecutive months providing 8 NDCs = 30% + 5%
  • 2 Consecutive months providing 8 NDCs and 3rd Month provides 15 NDCs = 35% + 5%
  • 2 consecutive months at level 4 and 3rd month at level 3 = 35% + 5%
  • 4 consecutive months at level 4 and 5th month at level 2 = 30% + 5%

4.4 Customized achievements and rewards may be offered to the Affiliate on a case to case basis.


5.1 We will facilitate payment of agreed Commissions. We reserve the right to change payment options and payment terms at any time and for any reason.

5.2 In order to receive payments, a minimum payment of €100 euros is applied, below that amount payments are not processed, and rollover to the following month until the minimum is met. For payments by bank transfer a minimum payment amount of €500 is applicable. If you have any issues or special requests, please send an email to your appointed Affiliate Manager.

5.3 Different payment options are available for our Affiliates. To receive payments via Bank Transfer an invoice must be sent to affiliate.invoices( at )twin.com. Payment options such as Skrill / Neteller do not require any invoices and are processed on request and hence we encourage affiliates to make use of these payment methods.

5.4 No payment shall be due if we have reasons to believe that the traffic generated by the Affiliate is illegal or is in breach of the Agreement.

5.5 The Affiliate agrees to return all Commissions received based on false or fraudulent transactions and replace all costs and losses in relation to such transactions. This includes legal fees and costs.

5.6 Twin Affiliates does not enforce Negative Carry Over.


6.1 The Affiliate shall be responsible to make sure that the content of their advertisements: is factual and contains no disinformation is not offensive, obscene or illegal is published using legitimate channels excluding spam

6.2 We may carry out checks as to the sources of traffic and cancel a profit pay out should the traffic be gained by any of the prohibited methods.

6.3 We reserve the right to freeze the Affiliates account and/or deduct money from the Affiliate if any traffic is deemed to have been referred through fraudulent means or in breach of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

6.4 The Affiliate shall not register or purchase domain names similar or identical with the trademarks of Twin or which include the word or variations of ‘Twin’. The Affiliate shall neither use the Twin logo, copyrights or trade name as keywords. Any breach of this clause may result in punitive damages in according to law as the Company will seek to protect its interests from abuses.

6.5 We shall reserve the right to terminate the Affiliate’s program if any of the above comes to be violated.