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Why work with us?

In 2018, we won the trophy for the Best Affiliate Program Newcomer at the renowned iGB Awards. Ever since then, we’ve been finding even more ways to improve! Naturally, this is sure to make anyone curious about what we have to offer. Well, as with our casino, we strive to offer the best in gaming, which includes affiliation of course!

How We Make Our Affiliate Program Worthwhile

Offering the best affiliate program, and winning awards for it, is certainly a boost for our confidence. But more than that, our experience helps us understand what’s important for affiliates and how we can improve upon what’s already available in the industry.

For us, it’s more than just another program you join to promote a casino brand. Instead, we strive to work with our affiliates and guide them where we can, helping them achieve the success they desire. Our team stands ready to provide custom media and new ways to promote our brand, all geared towards helping our affiliates get it just right, every time.

The program itself is one of the best, offering a zero negative balance carry over from month to month, and flexible commission plans to suit everyone.

Our team is ready to help you find the best possible deals and ensure you understand performance to achieve greater results. Therefore, we offer true commission with various banking options and payments on time.


Why Our Affiliate Program Works So Well

This is where the affiliate program and the casino come together and give you the very best in benefits. We offer a casino brand of the highest standard, which ensures players have more reason to stick around. Of course, this means as an affiliate you get to score for longer.

Our casino also provides a 24-hour support platform, top-rated games from award-winning software providers, and promotions worth getting excited about. We constantly work on new ways to stand out from the rest – offering better features and opportunities than anyone else!

In the back office of Twin Casino, we strive to make things even easier, which is why we choose geo targeting for our players. This feature tracks where players are visiting from, changing the currency and site to suit perfectly.

We use loads of special features and options to give all our players and affiliates the best possible opportunities. We strive to make things exciting with special offers and the best marketing tools. We are here to help you and reach the goals you set from the very first day.

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